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Founded in 1995 "Roman Klis Design" is one of the global leading strategic brand-, innovation-, consulting- as well as corporate-, POS- and packaging design agencies with extensive expertise in customer goods with main emphasis on FMCG. Roman Klis Design is one of Nestlé’s global lead agencies, with domestic and international responsibility for brands like Nescafé, Maggi, Herta, Purina, Cailler, Kit Kat and Smarties. Their client base also includes names like Berentzen, Bitburger, Cosnova, Hansgrohe, Häagen Dazs, Schwans Food Company, Ehrmann, Ritter Sport, Schwartau, Weber Grills and many more.

During my time at the agency I got the chance to specialize in packaging design of dairy, jelly and chocolate as well as extend my knowledge about what to consider for packaging design in the middle east.