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In a nutshell

Having a website became more and more important for every business regardless of its size. So when a small business plasterer company asked for a whole new public appearance, I was happy to help.

The Challenge

It was time to redesign their Corporate Design to provide an uniform look from logo to (vehicle) advertising to a brand new website. As well as giving potential clients the chance to inform themselves about the newest standards in the industry. 


Since the client was generally still satisfied with the look of the logo, I just did a few small changes to achieve a new and modern look. For instance, I introduced Helvetica as the new corporate typeface as well as a new color palette.

Corporate Design in use

As part of the new Corporate Design I also created new scaffold advertisement, vehicle prints and writing paper 



The goal whilst designing the new website was to inform clients about all the services the company offers, as well as creating a platform with informations about material and working techniques. This way an open conversation between client and company is possible.

During this project I developed wireframes, storyboards, and site maps to communicate interaction and design ideas. I also coordinated effectively with the client to design and code the website. Lastly, I was directly involved with photoshoots of the "at-work-shots" and finished buildings as references with editing. Visit: www.stuckateur-helber.de to see the whole website.