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In a nutshell

Being vegan is no longer something for "ecos" and hippies only; today approximately 1 billion people world wide are living a vegan lifestyle. Which involves not only food but also clothes and cosmetic, so vegan food and products are no longer only available in organic shops. They're now part of every supermarkets product range and many companies started to bring out a vegan food range. 

The challenge

After some research I found out, that it's still really difficult to find a vegan cosmetic range. So my goal was to create the design for a cosmetic company that is as stylish as all the big cosmetic brands in addition to produce vegan products without animal testing.


The company's name "a beautiful addiction" is based on the fact that cosmetics turned into an addiction which gives us the feeling to be more beautiful. For the logo I created a word mark which creates a feminin but still cool look.





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