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In a nutshell

In the year 2000, the “Public Eye on Davos” campaign started as a counter-summit to the World Economic Forum (WEF), growing into a powerful online campaign over the years as it handed out naming and shaming awards from 2005 through to 2015. Through its criticism of irresponsible business practices, this campaign (organised by the Berne Declaration from the outset and together with Greenpeace since 2009) has given civil society a platform to capture the attention of public opinion and the media, so it can spread information about specific cases of human rights violations, poor working conditions, environmental abuses and corruption. The Public Eye Awards have served to remind major players in the world economy, many of whom attend the WEF, that the social and environmental consequences of irresponsible business practices aren’t only harmful for people and the environment, but also for the reputation of their own companies. 

The topic

"Locust capitalism" is a pejorative term derived from the German word "Heuschrecke" by German politician Franz Müntefering (from the social democratic party SPD). He created this term in the context of describing private investors, private equity funds and investment banks. The term has been popularized and is continually used in discussions critical to capitalism in Germany.
We got the task to create a short spot about this topic to raise awareness. Next we had to find an organization that already raises awareness about locust capitalism, and chose the "Public Eye award" with the request to vote for the annual winner of the award. 

What we did

In one month we wrote the script, chose actor and location, recorded image and sound, and did the film editing.

The movie

The movie shows an interview with a CEO of a major company who praises the work environment of the company and everything they do for their employees. But the end of the spot reveals the truth behind his words.



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