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In a nutshell

In a time where using a smartphone and tablet turned into part of our lives like drinking water, more and more parents are overwhelmed by social media and the amount of youtube-videos and games which popped up for children. They're unsure about what's good for their children to watch and interact with. So the "Federal Ministry for Families, Senior Citizens, Women and Youths", the public broadcasters ARD and ZDF, as well as the programe guide "TV Spielfilm" formed the initiative "Schau hin! Was dein Kind mit Medien macht" (eng: Look! How your child uses media). They support parents by media education: "Understand it, before you forbid it" with a lot of tips and suggestions for acceptable media use in specific age groups.

The Challenge

It was time to redesign their Corporate Design to provide an uniform layout that's interesting for both parents and children. So it should be colorful and interesting for children, but not to a point where it overwhelms the information given.







  • Advertising shows the risk of use media the wrong way. Claims are worring both direct and indirect

  • Parents are getting explained by copy

  • Campaign works with one of the oldest instincts of humans: protective instinct. Because no parent wants to have a child like the one in the campaign



Every medium has its own information flyer which are enclosed in relevant magazines of the target group. The color concept and used symbols appear again and the design picks up the intent of the initiative: common discovery of media, so every flyer is developed to be read by parents and their children.







Online booklet

I‘ve also created an online booklet as a pdf-file with a download link on the website. This pdf-file is also printable in DIN A4.



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